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Dream Interpretation – The Mystery of Dreams – Symbols Indicating Danger – The Spider

Our dreams are strange and mysterious because they follow a logic that is totally different from the logic of our human conscience and their language is also totally different from the languages we are used to. We are used to languages made with words, while our dreams’ language is made with images, sensations and feelings.

The dreams have an author: the wise unconscious mind, which is wise and has a saintly character. This is an organ that doesn’t belong to the human being – it is given to him by a superior human conscience that has reached perfection and could be named God.

The information and the guidance you have in dreams is always protective. The unconscious mind is always trying to protect your mental health from the attacks of the anti-conscience, the wild side of your conscience, which is primitive, violent and evil. It lives constantly trying to destroy the human side of your conscience through craziness in order to control your behavior, and this is why the unconscious mind lives constantly protecting your human side, sending you secret messages in a symbolic form, so that the anti-conscience won’t understand its directions.

There is an invisible fight inside you, between the wise unconscious mind that tries to save your humanity eliminating the poisonous anti-conscience, and this dangerous part of your brain and psyche that is so cruel and wild. You represent the human side of your conscience, the only part of your brain you have access to.

The other parts are invisible for you, but they are fighting for you: the human conscience. The evil anti-conscience wants to destroy you completely and take your place, while the wise and saintly unconscious mind is trying to save you and transform you into a wise, sensible and sensitive human being, so that you may live happily forever.

Dream Symbols which indicate great danger are the following:

1. The Spider – If you see a spider in a dream, this is reason for alarm. The spider represents a great danger threatening your future. If you don’t pay attention to various important details of reality and if you don’t do what you must in order to solve an important problem, the consequences will be very bad for you.

The spider is trying to show you that there is an invisible trap in the air. If you are not cautious, you’ll die there.

I have already explained to you that the dream messages have a protective character and that your worst enemy is the anti-conscience that tries to destroy the human side of your conscience through craziness.

What does it mean? It means that this wild part of your brain is constantly invading the conscious field and trying to make you follow its suggestions. If you pay attention to them and you follow them, you start losing the notion of what you are doing and you also start losing control of your life and your behavior.

This is how you start becoming a slave of the anti-conscience; in other words: this is how you become neurotic.

Now, the spider may represent a danger in your daily life, which is also related to the anti-conscience. Everything that happens with you can give an opportunity to the anti-conscience to start influencing your thoughts and your behavior, while pushing you towards the labyrinth of craziness.

The spider means that you cannot postpone an obligation, you cannot avoid taking action, you must do something urgently, otherwise you’ll have serious problems in the future.

You’ll live in a hell because of the problems you’ll have to face, or you’ll regret very much for not having done the right thing when you still had the chance.

The spider is a warning that protects you from being naïve and irresponsible.

There are many other dream symbols that indicate great danger, but I cannot give you a detailed explanation about each one of them in a short article…

I’m only going to mention them, translating for you their meaning, so that you may have an idea about their importance.

2. Teeth falling – This symbol is one of the worst ones. If you see in your dream that your teeth are falling, this means that you are making a very serious moral mistake that could cost you your life, your mental health and happiness.

3. You are flying in the air – This means that you are totally far from reality and your suppositions are absurd. You are an easy victim for the evil anti-conscience, because you believe in what is unreal.

4. You are falling – This is a sign that you will have a very serious deception.

5. You fall and you suddenly reach the ground and bump, jumping in your bed while you are asleep and dreaming, which may even make wake you up – This is a sign that the deceptions you will have will be of the worse kind. For example you will be betrayed, abandoned, lose everything you have, face despair, etc.

6. A rat or many rats – The rats represent men or women (depending on your gender) that only want to take advantage of you, pretending that they love you. Be careful if you have a relationship with someone or you are thinking about having an affair with them, but you suddenly see a rat in your dream.

There many other dream symbols that indicate danger. Unfortunately the wise unconscious mind has to show you all the dangers that threaten your mental health and happiness…

You have to learn the dream language, so that you may understand not only that you are in danger, but also how to successfully solve all your problems, staying out of danger forever by eliminating the evil anti-conscience.

You’ll transform this primitive and violent part of your brain and psyche into a calm and wise part of your human conscience, being this way able to live peacefully and happily.