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Telemarketing: The Cost Effective Advertising Method Without Falsifying Actual Facts

The first rule of marketing: do not ever mislead or falsify information; rather focus on the quality and brand name of product while marketing. It has been observed that companies which deliver Telemarketing Services; many of them mislead the consumers with incorrect information. Always keep it in mind during Outbound Telemarketing that consumers are no fools; rather they are more intelligent and smarter than the telemarketers. Genuine marketing personnel would always try to convince a consumer on the grounds of the quality and brand name. There’s a famous quote, “You can fool me only once”. The point is that, if marketing people fool the clients; they may succeed only once, with a failure for all remaining times. The next time, any consumer is not going to trust them.

There are several advantages and benefits of outsourcing Telemarketing Services. However, the five most important advantages of outsourcing Outbound Telemarketing are as follows:

1. Cost Factor: Some people feel that outsourcing telemarketing is costlier compared to having their own employees who in turn would do that job. That’s a misconception, and it’s very essential for the growth of your company, to clarify this topic. When a company arranges in-house telemarketing at their own; the cost of training, overhead costing, equipment expenses, and employee perks such as bonus, commissions, paid holidays, etc. all these together costs more; compared to outsourcing.

2. Experienced Manpower: First thing to understand is the difference between telemarketing by an unskilled and inexperienced manpower, compared to marketing by a high level professional; who has expertise, experience, skills and achievements. A reputed and branded outsourcing company only hires employees that are qualified with globally recognized certifications. The selected employees go through various rigorous rounds of tests and trainings, before delivery on-floor.

3. Research: The time that is mostly consumed in the telemarketing process is researching about whom to call, when to call, whether or not there is a demand of the product or service on sale, whether or not the consumer is actively looking your product or service, and so on. These factors are important to convert the lead to sale. Without proper research in a proper manner, a company would never know the value of a lead i.e. whether it’s a qualified lead or just an ordinary lead containing a contact number.

4. Expertise: Convincing Skills and Communication Skills; these are two most important characteristics, which are most essential for the members of a marketing team; to achieve success for their clients. This requires expertise, knowledge and experience. It’s not easy to convince a consumer to buy your product or service. So, this is what you get with outsourcing your telemarketing requirements i.e. the expertise. How they do it? What they do? When they do? These queries don’t matter, whether they deliver results or not; definitely matters.

5. Lead Conversion: Some people have a misunderstanding, that Outbound Telemarketing service is related to mere generation of contact numbers, which in technical terms they call a lead. That’s not true. A ‘Qualified Lead’ is the aim behind lead generation process. What’s the benefit of a lead which would never convert to sale? So, lead conversion benefit by gathering qualified leads is what your company can only benefit; from an experienced and proven Telemarketing Services provider.

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