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Dream Symbols – The Meaning of Dreams With Birds – Predictions and Protection For You

Dream symbols are images that represent a huge content and that can have many different meanings at the same time.

When you see dreams with birds, this means that you are going to learn news. The news will be good or bad, depending on the bird that you see in your dream. If it is a peaceful and beautiful bird like a canary, the news you’ll have will be very pleasant, while if a wild and dangerous bird appears in your dream, this means that the news it brings will be bad and dangerous like it.

White birds represent peace, especially a white dove. This symbolic meaning is part of our conscious mind too. However, the exact translation of the meaning of a white bird according to the dream language, as discovered by the scientific method of dream interpretation, is that “the news it brings is peaceful”. The bird is a messenger, a task that doves actually do if they are trained to.

In dreams, all birds that fly high in the sky are messengers.

They represent something new that will be discovered or that will happen to your life, having a protective character, since they are warnings which prepare you to accept bad news; or they open your eyes, so that you may recognize the positive things of your life, without doubting that they are really so good.

The news that the bird in your dream will bring you could mean the appearance of a special person in your life. The news can also be important facts or events for you.

When you analyze the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method, you have protection and guidance, since you are able to predict your future and prepare it the way you desire.

Even when very sudden changes happen in your life, and when you cannot interfere in the external reality as you would like to, the unconscious mind will always show you in your dreams how you can overcome all your problems, while always keeping your mental health.

If you predict bad news, don’t think that it cannot be transformed into good news with your wisdom.

You’ll learn how to be wise like the unconscious mind if you follow the guidance you receive when you translate the symbolism contained in your dreams.

You can change what is bad with the power of wisdom, even if it seems impossible to ever acquire a different aspect, since wisdom finds the solution to all problems with patience, intelligence and goodness.