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7 Irresistible Carp Bait Edges Refined For Winter Spring And All Year Round Fishing!

Revealed here are powerful easy homemade and readymade bait tricks and simple potent fishing edges that will catch you far more fish in winter and spring, when fishing is at its hardest at any time of year! Exploit these expert ready made and homemade bait secrets right now and reap big fish rewards surprisingly fast!

This point might appear simple but is overlooked by far too many anglers and that is that originally boilies were not used for carp fishing, but bait dough or paste was used. In fact there was a time when most of the biggest carp caught by the leading pioneering most famous anglers caught their carp not on boilies but on paste! When you use a boilie base mix mixed with eggs in cold water such baits easily last long enough in cold water with zero heating at all and such soluble baits most often work instantly!

The best time to test any new bait is in winter! If you simply test any new batch of baits on an easy fish carp water, the instant feedback will tell you immediately if you have just a bait that works or a real winner. You might be surprised to know that easy fish do not respond to all carp baits in the same ways. In fact in my own homemade bait testing using a commercial bait as a comparative control bait I can catch thus far up to 6 times as many carp using very small batches of homemade test baits as the commercial readymade bait has caught. This demonstrates a huge difference in success using alternative bait paradigms and the real bonus is that a genuine winter winner will work even better the rest of the year round!

In winter and spring one of the most effective ways to get bites is not to use boilies but instead to actually create baits made from broken down boilies, mixed with flavours and liquid foods and enhancers such as Talin, and powdered and liquid palatants and salty substances such as Belachan powder. It will definitely surprise you to see the difference yourself if you try this tactic and the power of it is that your bait really will work from the centre outwards right through, and not just from the surface like conventional egg sealed boilies! This method means you can exploit your favourite readymade boilie but make it far more functionally effective in cold dense water!

This might seem an odd trick but it is so well proven in my own fishing in the toughest of cold conditions that I must recommend this bait edge! Instead of using conventional stick mixes or crushed boilies in PVA webbing or solid bags, make your own homemade mixture using completely alternative materials and soak these in neat flavours and in liquid foods. For instance I soak crushed hemp seed in liquid Robin Red, and soak maggots in CC Moore Red Venom, and form your PVA bag or web mix from very loose materials such as molasses meal, enzyme treated liver, with CC Moore vanilla extract powder which is rich in oleoresins, salts and sugars all of which are absolutely ideal for cold water conditions!

CC Moore sweet fruit enhancer is a natural ester and essential oil based product which has been enhanced with sweeteners and appetite stimulators and I use it in all my baits alongside any other liquids. I used to make my own versions for years especially for cold water conditions and this is a readymade version which I have used with outstanding success in winter and indeed the heat of summer too. I use much higher levels in winter in summer than are recommended.

Bait substances work by altering things such as hydrogen concentration in the water, and carp are so sensitive to such differences in the water that you need to be exploiting this fact in making your baits far more easily detectable by carp. A very effective method to do this is as simple as increasing the level of flavour in your bait. For instance mixing butyric acid with Scopex flavour and doubling or trebling the recommended levels for your winter and spring baits and using these at different depths in the water column not just on the bottom! Test this kind of approach on easy waters in winter using your standard readymade bait as a control bait for comparison and you will see the difference in fish feedback believe me!

I have always found that breaking standard recommended bait substances rules by using real fish feedback testing is exceptionally beneficial with new homemade bait batches and adapted readymade bait because carp break our rules all the time and you can surprise them!

It really helps if you have methodically tested specific products and their components as a consultant as I have been doing for CC Moore and other companies over the years. I am only interested in one thing and that is the truth about what works best! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.