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Dream Interpretation and Analysis – Pregnant in Dreams

When you see yourself pregnant in a dream this means that you are making a serious moral mistake, or you intend to. This dream is a serious warning.

Even if you do not have a sexual relationship with anyone, you could dream that you are pregnant because you’ll have to face a difficult situation.

You have to always be morally correct if you want to keep your mental health. The fact that you are pregnant in a dream means that you are bordering on the edge of immorality.

It doesn’t matter if you are married and if you really want to have a baby. Your pregnancy in dreams has a negative meaning because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams follows another logic.

The unconscious wisdom is far superior than your ignorant human conscience.

A pregnancy has this negative meaning because it represents the immoral sexual relationship that generates a baby.

The baby in dreams has a negative meaning too: he or she represents a sin or a moral mistake.

The baby in dreams is a child that should not exist because he comes from an illegal relationship. In other words, the baby in dreams is always a bastard.

Don’t feel upset because the meaning of your dream is negative if you saw yourself pregnant. Most dream symbols have a negative meaning and most dreams present dangerous situations to the dreamers.

This happens because their function is protective. All dream messages are constantly trying to protect the dreamer’s mental health from the invasion of the wild side of their conscience into their human side.

In other words, most dreams work like warnings and alarms, because their function is to protect you from hidden dangers.

You ignore how dangerous your wild side is, but the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams is always very worried.

Your primitive and wild conscience is an animal, and it keeps trying to control your behavior.

Everyday the unconscious mind sends you many important messages to protect you from it, and also to help you develop your intelligence and your superior human characteristics.

You are the human being within your psyche, who seeks wisdom and believes in peace, goodness and happiness.

Follow the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams, and you’ll learn how to transform your dangerous wild side into a positive component of your human conscience.

You only have to learn the dream language, which today is very simple, thanks to my research and discoveries.

The real meaning of dreams was discovered by Carl Jung. He managed to find out the precise way to translate the enigmatic dream images into words, proving that they work like psychotherapy.

My work in dream interpretation and mental health not only confirms that he was right, it will show you a lot more.

Today everything is very clear. You only have to put into practice the guidance you’ll receive in your first dreams to start seeing better dream images in the future.

By following dream therapy you’ll transform your personality. This means that the meaning of your next dreams will be positive because they won’t reflect your mistakes, but your consciousness.