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Why Bidvertiser Is a Great AdSense Alternative

I can relate to how you feel, for some reason or another you are looking for a good alternative to AdSense. It could be many reasons, or one, or maybe where you are you simply cannot join. You may have been a AdSense user before, but now things have changed, whatever the reason, not running AdSense does not mean you cannot make money online.

Have you tried Bidvertiser yet? If not, that is okay, they are a all round ppc provider similar in a way to the style and look of AdSense. While the ads are not very contextual in nature like AdSense, they still work well and convert well (Clicks) in category niches.

How one earns money from Bidvertiser is the same as AdSense, one is paid for each click a unique customer does from your site. The amount depends on the niche and how you set up your advertisers in your publisher admin. One of the best benefits of this program is that one can set up the minimum spend of the Advertisers that show on your website. If you do not want any advertiser not willing to pay 50 cents per click or more you can just simply remove all low paying advertisers and hey presto, each good click you receive will now be over 50 cents earnings per click.

Some of the other benefits Bidvertiser has to offer publishers is there ads can be configured to open in new window and one can even be paid via Paypal quick and easy with a small $10 minimum in earnings, that’s a bonus for all those small time blogger’s out there..

Some of the new bonuses that make them even more unique are that they offer $20 in free advertising to all new advertisers to the network, as well as conversion bonuses for affiliate conversions of some of there ads. If you are unsure exactly what this is, this where Bidvertiser will share some of the profits with any affiliate conversions that happen off clicks on your website as well.

Overall there ppc program certainly is a risk free recommended great option to try for those looking for a easy to try similar ad network that one can implement in minutes.