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Dream Dictionary – Negative and Positive Dream Symbols

Only the scientific method of dream interpretation accurately translates the meaning of dreams because it deciphers the meaning given to the dream images by the unconscious mind, which is the dream producer. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a saintly and perfect nature, while we are basically under-developed primates.

We posses a huge primitive conscience (anti-conscience) which is totally absurd, evil, cruel, and indifferent like an animal. Our tiny human conscience is unable to fight against all the absurdity we have inherited into our anti-conscience. We need the guidance of the unconscious mind in our dreams and in our daily reality.

Most dreams present us dangerous situations because our anti-conscience is constantly attacking our conscience.

Here is a simple dream dictionary with the most important dream symbols that indicate danger:

Blood – Blood in dreams represents psychological pain. When there is blood falling out from the dreamer’s head, it represents craziness.

Crab – The dreamer is in a dangerous position because he cannot analyze his/her old traumas. He has to pass through psychotherapy in order to be able to face his mistakes.

Demon – Someone is causing many damages to the dreamer because he/she is controlled by his anti-conscience. The demon is an evil person from his environment.

Dizziness – When the dreamer is dizzy in a dream, this means that he will be seriously attacked by his/her anti-conscience.

Falling from height – The dreamer will have to face serious deceptions.

Flying in the air like a bird – The dreamer is far from reality.

Sea – The sea represents craziness.

Shark – The shark represents schizophrenia.

Snake – A bad even will correct one of the dreamer’s mistakes.

Spider – If the dreamer won’t act fast and correct a mistake he/she will have to face serious consequences in the future.

Rat – A person of the opposite sex will take advantage of the dreamer.

Teeth falling out – The dreamer is making serious mistakes that are ruining his/her life.

In the beginning of the dream therapy you will have dreams with negative dream symbols because you have to transform your personality. You also have to learn how to protect yourself from the cruel world. Therefore, you will have nightmares, bad dreams, and warnings.

You have to eliminate your wild and evil nature, so that you may have dreams with positive dream symbols. You also must learn how to read people’s minds and understand who everyone around you really is.

Here are a few dream symbols that indicate progress and evolution:

A big watch – The dreamer arrived to an important point, or started an important mission.

Beautiful and peaceful bird – Good news for the dreamer. Many times the beautiful and peaceful bird indicates that the dreamer will meet a special person.

Diamonds – The dreamer found wisdom.

Flying by plane – The dreamer has attained a higher level of knowledge, after abandoning many misconceptions and old ideas.

Key – When a dreamer has a dream about a key this means that he/she will find an important solution for a complicated problem.

Money – Money in dreams represents psychical energy, good mood, and courage.

Rain – The dreamer found an important solution to one of his/her problems.

Sunlight – The sunlight represents the real truth, while the light of a lamp represents the false truth created by the human hypocrisy and the camouflage of superficiality.

Swan – The dreamer will attain a higher level of consciousness.

Wearing sun glasses – The dreamer is rewarded for seeing the real truth.

Most dream symbols are negative because we inherit too much craziness into our anti-conscience. However, as we follow dream therapy, we eliminate our dangerous animal nature. Then, we have the chance to completely evolve and find real happiness.