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What Is Poly Keder and Why Is It Valuable?

What is Keder?

Keder is an extremely strong beading made of a polyethylene material. RKW, the manufacturer of Polydress® SolaWrap, has applied this cord like beading to the edge of greenhouse film. This feature is designed for the purposes of providing a way to attach and secure a plastic covering material to a greenhouse frame.

Why is this important? Globally, there is an increasing demand for hobby greenhouses, greenhouses in backyards, schools and on rooftops for urban growers and commercial growers.

Why would there be an increased demand for greenhouses? Here are a few reasons…

In the US, people are becoming more and more concerned over food quality. Plants which are grown in less nutrients dense soil where various chemical pesticides and herbicides have been applied are raising questions about food purity.

Plants that have been genetically altered also have become the basis of much debate, with regard to their safety.

One way to avoid food that raises concern is to grow it yourself in your own greenhouse.

Many people today have budget concerns. They work hard for their money and demand the highest quality products; this includes the food they eat and feed their families. Many who build a greenhouse do so with the goal of it being a long-term, year-round food production project.

If you fall into either of these categories then you will want to select a product that provides the most value for the long-term. Polydress® SolaWrap poly keder is durable, long-lasting (has been proven to last up to 30 years) provides the highest diffusion, and insulation values, it never yellows and it resists damage where most greenhouse coverings fail.

Who else is building greenhouses that use Poly Keder?

  • Families raising children; stay at home moms find a Geodesic greenhouse dome a great place to hang out, while tending to the food that will nourish their family. The Poly keder, on a geo-dome allows them to grow year-round, with very little heat. They enjoy saving on grocery bills. Staying home and spending quality time with their children, teaching them sustainable food production skills is an added bonus. The dome is also a very relaxing place. The whole family benefits from enhanced relationships and healthy food.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to sell nutritious, local produce at local farmer’s markets, local restaurants and corporate cafeterias. Growing and selling fresh, locally grown produce is a tremendous opportunity that is booming. When growing in greenhouse dome kits covered in poly keder SolaWrap, you can control and increase crop production. Simply by incorporating vertical hydroponics growing systems, growers will increase the growing area. Hydroponics systems increase the quality of crops as well, just by adhering to the soilless method of growing. Depending on location and budget, introducing Aquaponics growing methods can deliver another profit stream, along with providing a more eco balanced growing arrangement by utilizing the fish waste as natural fertilizer.
  • Today more and more schools and colleges are teaching courses on small farming and agricultural sustainability. Some schools are growing food for their own cafeterias. By providing a higher quality food for their students, their students claim to feel better and experience more vibrant learning capabilities. To learn a skill that allows you to produce your own food is a valuable skill indeed. Climate change is opening the door for much exploration and study. Who knows, a student just might solve the problems of world hunger through greenhouse food production. What better place to build a greenhouse dome with highly effective Solawrap?
  • Restaurant owners, in big cities who have access to their rooftops are learning that by growing organic food to serve their customers, they can increase profits. They also help to reduce greenhouse gasses, not having to truck in their food. This is an option that is expanding not only for restaurants, but for corporate cafeterias as well. Serving fresh, locally grown, organic food to your employees has so many benefits.

This is a short list of people who are building greenhouses. If you are in any one of these categories, Great! Building a geodesic greenhouse dome kit with Polydress® SolaWrap poly keder will help curb climate change, reduce stress, save on your budget, increase profits, deliver a more plentiful harvest, increase the growing season and foster a healthier lifestyle.